We are pleased to announce that DeAPlaneta Entertainment has signed a deal with Italian production company Enanimation and Australian company Kreiworks for its multi-awarded preschool animated series Nina & Olga. Thanks to this agreement, DeAPlaneta Entertainment will manage all Media, Licensing & Digital Rights of the series worldwide, excluding Italy, Australia and North American territories.


Nina & Olga is a preschool series (3-5 years old) full of fantasy, comedy and adventure, based on the successful book series Olga the Cloud, by Nicoletta Costa, with more than 80 titles published worldwide. The series, whose first season is already available (52x7’) and its second season (52x7’) will be ready in 2024, follows 6-years-old Nina and her best friend, a cloud named Olga, along with friends Teo (a boy) and Bigio (also a cloud). Together, they share adventures connecting the worlds of the sky and the ground, discovering the emotions these experiences bring, exploring and learning to manage them. Coproduced by Italian animation studio Enanimation and Australian company Kreiworks in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, Nina & Olga’s creative lead is Lina Foti, an award-winning author known, among others, for her roles as executive producer at Lion Forge Animation and Script Producer and writer of the famous series Pocoyo.


The first series of Nina & Olga was released in Italy on Rai Yoyo on 2021, achieving excellent share results, and is still aired on Rai Yoyo and also available on Raiplay. The series won a Pulcinella Award in Cartoons of the Bay 2021 to the Best Upper Preschool TV Series, and was appointed Best Licensed Publishing Project in Bologna Children Bookfair 2021.


Carlos Biern, Director of Distribution and Contents of DeAPlaneta Kids & Family, has commented: “With its charming, and timeless, 2D animation and the values it represents (environmental care, diversity, promoting of communication and understanding), Nina & Olga is an invaluable addition to the DeAPlaneta Entertainment catalog. Our agreement with the Italian company Enanimation is yet another example of DeAPlaneta Entertainment's full commitment to support Italian based creators andEuropean animation."


Federica Maggio, President and Producer of Enanimation SRL, has commented: "We are very excited to partner with Kreiworks and DeAPlaneta Entertainment to bring Nina & Olga to a global audience and support us while we keep advancing our internationalization efforts."


Lina Foti, Managing Director and Executive Producer at Kreiworks, has added: "Working on this iconic Italian IP alongside our partners Enanimation and RAI Ragazzi is an exciting opportunity for Kreiworks. We look forward to infusing an Australian touch into this beloved series and expanding our collaboration with DeAPlaneta during this pivotal phase of their continuous expansion."

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