• DeAPlaneta and GO-N Productions will coproduce and distribute the animated series Monster Shaker


DeAPlaneta and GO-N Productions, French production company with over 15 years’ experience in creating animation for children and exploiting their own IP, signed an agreement to coproduce Monster Shaker, the TV series adaptation of the books by Mr Tan and Mathilde Domecq, published by Editions Gallimard.


Monster Shaker (52x13’) is an epic adventure comedy, in which 9-year old Justin discovers his grandfather’s cocktail shaker. This fabulous thing allows him to create extraordinary, and extraordinarily crazy creatures with incredible powers, but it must be kept secret, no matter what, in case it falls into the wrong hands…


It would of course be safest to leave the shaker alone, but Justin is constantly overcome by the temptation to experiment, to play with these hilarious monsters, and to use their magical skills in all kinds of everyday situations. Justin and Gwen (his 12-year older sister) get into all kinds of adventures that leave them with no choice but to reach some kind of deal. So they can join forces to save the day. And get those crazy monsters back inside the shaker!


The first season of this zany series for 6-10 year-olds includes 52 episodes and will launch on TV and in France in 2023. The accompanying YouTube channel will broadcast selected episodes.


DeAPlaneta and GO-N Productions are focused on producing and distributing this animated series, while also working on key initial categories, including shaker toys, and collectible cocktail shakers complete with all the crazy monsters turning our heroes lives upside down.


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