•    With this acquisition, DeAPlaneta Entertainment seeks to turn this brand, of great relevance in the US/UK market, into a global entertainment IP
•    The next launch will be the first MetaGuardians NFT comic book


DeAPlaneta Entertainment is delighted to announce its acquisition of MetaGuardians, its brand development plans and the calendar of upcoming projects. MetaGuardians is the first collection of Metaverse superheroes. This ever-expanding universe of superheroes, villains, sidekicks and henchmen first came to life as an NFT collection created by brothers Antubel and Bernal Moreda in 2021. Antubel Moreda is the designer of games as popular as Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled and Zombie Gunship Survival.


MetaGuardians is a major brand in the US and UK, where most of its followers are based. DeAPlaneta Entertainment incorporated the brand into its digital business division DeAPlaneta Interactive in mid-2022, and has now announced a full acquisition supported by the project’s original founders and creators: Antubel Moreda, Bernal Moreda and Kiefer Johnston (better known as MaestroH in Discord) who will continue their association with the project.


With this acquisition, DeAPlaneta Entertainment aims to consolidate the brand’s major position in English-speaking markets, and to continue to expand the MetaGuardians universe and characters into a global entertainment brand. The DeAPlaneta Interactive team has developed a stunning, and very current story around the project, which will involve the Web3 community and MetaGuardians’ current Discord followers.


This Universe will be made available in a range of formats and media. The first MetaGuardians launch following their incorporation into the DeAPlaneta Entertainment family will be the forthcoming publication of the first issue of an exclusive 6-edition NFT comic book collection. The comic story revolves around a group of friends that meet up in the Metaverse for the most exciting daily adventures. Here, supported by the MetaGuardians, they have to combat villains who see humans as a threat to ensure everyone can live in harmony.


In parallel, DeAPlaneta Interactive is also working on a series of short films for release on a range of digital platforms and Discord. Several deals and alliances with strategic partners are in the pipeline, and will lead to the creation of both physical and digital licensed web3 products.


Naturally, this brand’s forthcoming projects include the development of a new game and an increased presence in all corners of the Metaverse, with a collection of interoperable assets that work on all platforms. Discord members will be the first to hear the latest news and receive project exclusives, while major announcements will also be made on Twitter.


Anna Campistol Agustí, Head of Digital at DeAPlaneta Entertainment, underlined the NFT community’s importance for the brand’s development: “One of our goals is to make MetaGuardians a global brand. As a result, DeAPlaneta Entertainment will rely on the support of the international NFT community to build a successful project for the medium- and long term. Planned MetaGuardians projects include major benefits for this community, who will be key to the brand’s growth and expansion.”


Creators of MetaGuardians, Antubel and Bernal Moreda declared: “DeAPlaneta has always been the perfect MetaGuardians partner, thanks to their audiovisual content and licensing experience. We’re really excited to continue working on the brand following its acquisition and to seeing how our project flourishes in the best possible hands. We will continue our involvement to witness the extraordinary future they will create.”

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