David the Gnome

Based on Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen’s classic Gnomes, which has sold millions of copies worldwide, here is an unforgettable series that takes us right inside the incredible world of these tiny beings. Travel to all corners of the Gnome world, and learn how to love and repect nature’s treasures by following the wise advice of David, the Gnome.

Includes the series The Wisdom of the Gnomes and The New World of the Gnomes and the movies The Gnomes. Amazing Journeys, The Gnomes. The Great Adventure, The Gnomes. Adventures in the Snow and The Tiny Little World of David the Gnome.

David the Gnome
Key facts
  • Format: 78x30' + 4 Movies (75')
  • Target: Kids
  • Genre: Adventure, Edutainment
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