Mia & Codie

Mia, a girl who loves to code, and Codie, the robot she built to be the little brother she’s always wanted. Mia makes the world more marvellous through coding, and her “bro-bot” is the ideal partner. Codie is always game for an adventure, relatively indestructible, and able to do ANYTHING with the right code! Of course, coding is like life: We make mistakes, learn from them, and try again! As Mia learns more about coding her world, she grows as a coder and a big sister. When a challenge arises, Mia and Codie turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and are always ready to “RUN THE CODE”!

Mia & Codie
Key facts
  • Format: 40x4,5'
  • Target: Preschool
  • Genre: Comedy
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