This comedy animation series is produced by Planeta Junior, Famosa and Kotoc in collaboration with Neox Kidz.


Neox Kidz will launch MUTANT BUSTERS, a crazy animated comedy co-produced by Planeta Junior a leading European children’s and youth entertainment company, toy manufacturer Famosa and animation studio Kotoc who create and produce transmedia entertainment, in collaboration with Neox Kidz on Saturday 31st October. 


Starting next Saturday, Neox Kidz will broadcast the 52 episodes of this animated series for 6-8 year-olds featuring plenty of comedy and adventures on an Earth invaded by stinky mutants. A week earlier, Neox Kidz viewers will be able to watch the first series webisode on Atresmedia Televisión on Saturday 24th October.


The concept for MUTANT BUSTERS was the work of Famosa’s creative team. Their alliance with Planeta Junior and Kotoc has produced a great animation series, the first set in a post-apocalyptic world created by the horrendous levels of contamination on earth. Toxic gas caused a series of explosions that divided Earth into two regions: one inhabited by humans in “The Resistance” and another occupied by mutants - humans who were turned into monsters by the stinking gas covering the planet.


Comprising 52 x 11 minute episodes, MUTANT BUSTERS will include digital elements like apps and augmented reality, and comes in an innovative format: the last three minutes of each episode can be broadcast independently as a webisode, allowing audiences to enjoy an interactive experience on digital platforms that tells the same story of the episode from a different perspective, in the style of a vlog.


In mid-August, Neox Kidz released a potent launch campaign both online and on TV, inviting children to join “The Resistance”. The channel presented MUTANT BUSTERS as one of its season highlights at the FesTVal de Vitoria as part of this “Recruitment” teaser campaign. 


Planeta Junior, which is producer and responsible for worldwide distribution and marketing for the series and its licenses, premièred MUTANT BUSTERS at the Kidscreen children’s entertainment market, where it received a warm welcome in Miami on 23-26th February. Last June, prestigious English title C21 Media selected MUTANT BUSTERS as one of its ten most promising projects at Cartoon 360. 


Ignacio Segura de Lassaletta, Director General at Planeta Junior, notes that “Mutant Busters is a very original comedy that will delight 6-8 year-olds. It was presented at MipJunior with great success and numerous televisions across the world will follow the example of Neox Kidz in broadcasting the series.”


Eduardo Garagorri, Famosa CMO, adds “Famosa wants to be a part of children’s entertainment. Seeing how the Mutant Busters action figures come to life on the screen is very exciting, and another step forward in the development of our brands and the way we tell their stories. Children are going to love the adventures of the Mutant Busters, they’re full of action, team spirit, battles, mutants, incredible scenes, jokes... everything that kids want from their ideal animation series. We’ve had a lot of fun in the creative process.”

Freddy Córdoba, Kotoc CEO and series director chipped in: “We created Mutant Busters like a milkshake of frenetic action and cheeky comedy. No child’s going to be able to resist.”


For José Antonio Antón, director of programming and TDT channels at Atresmedia Televisión, “It’s a luxury for Atresmedia Televisión to have a production on the scale of Mutant Busters as Neox Kidz’ star series. We know it’s going to be an unprecedented success thanks to the work of a very intense collaboration between all the partners involved.”

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